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Not at all, if you are  a steroid user you will know how difficult it is to find a reliable source. The DrAnabolics team have joined up with the manufacturers and therefore have a constant supply of genuine gear direct from the manufacturer. If you are a new steroid user be sure to check out of ready made stacks. These stacks have been carefully chosen to provide you with a cycle that is ready made, ready to take and most importantly, is safe.

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We do not have a minimum order value however we would recommend that you place sensible orders. Although we are more than happy to ship out a single vial we would recommend a minimum of $150 order. As a legit supplier there are many aspects that we need to look at, including shipping domestically, shipping costs, cost for the items and cost for our suppliers to mail out the products. This makes it difficult to send out single vials, however if you insist, place your order and we will get your order out ASAP!

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